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I have a very serious complaint. Last night at the Morgan Wallen sept 21 concert at Canadian tire centre a group of 6 of us ($2400) were sitting in our seats when Susan (not sure of her position here) took three of our guys aside to kick them out for absolutely nothing: we were literally sitting in our seats when she approached us.

She told them they had too much to drink (no proof of this whatsoever) they didnt even have drinks in thier hand. There was absolutely no grounds for this. She then proceeded to kick the rest of us out for absolutely no reason before the show even started. We didnt spend $2400 with your venue to be kicked out for NO REASON.

We have looked online and found others with the same thing happening to them with this same woman Susan. This is totally unacceptable and unfair to us. We were having a good time, you can not just kick people out of your venue for absolutely NO REASON. We travelled 10 hours to be there.

We got babysitters for our children. We got hotels. We took time off of work: for what? To be kicked out for no reason!

This person needs to be reevaluated, and fired in my opinion. We would also like our money back and will be escalating this. Thank you in advance.

Im not sure its legal for her to kick

Out anyone she wants including people who were with us not even drinking? We would like a resolution and have not heard back from Ticketmaster as of yet.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Ticketmaster Pros: Allow people to kick others out of a venue for no reason.

Ticketmaster Cons: Let the venue kick people out of venue for no reason.

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We have police and badge numbers who’s opinion was that we were not intoxicated.

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Their opinion didn’t seem to count for much if you still got kicked out.

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The police are hired by the venue and have to do whatever the venue says. I’m just posting my complaint to anyone involved. Obviously I know this won’t happen but Ticketmaster shouldn’t sell to venues that kick people out for no reason :(


The previous poster is correct. This has nothing to do with Ticketmaster. Your complaint is with the venue itself.


Ticketmaster has nothing to do with what happened.

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