I believe the agent who answered my call named Jon was a scam. He made no sense when I needed help locating my tickets online.

The site wasn't working to accept my tickets and he told me to get a refund for the tickets and he would hold them and then I'd have to buy them again and he would then release them. He wanted a lot of personal info that I didn't provide. I kept asking him how would that work and he couldn't explain. In the mix of it all I was able to access my tickets and I told him I did and I can see my tickets and then kept insisting that I return them and provide him with my debit info.

Yea no this was way weird.

He actually hung up on me because he couldn't say any more. So if anyone calls ticketmaster just make sure it's the real company and don't give out any info.

User's recommendation: Make sure it is the REAL company before giving any Info.

Location: Winter Haven, Florida

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