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On February 9, 2023, I purchased three tickets for a Beyonce concert from Ticketmaster (Order #20-5****/NY1). The tickets, for Section 213, Row 4, Seats 11-13 at Metlife Stadium, NJ, cost a whopping $2777.70.

This amount included the base ticket price of $805 each and service fees of $119.15 per ticket, with an order processing fee of $5.25.

During the fan pre-sale, Ticketmaster gave the impression that tickets were scarce and this was my only chance to secure a spot at the event. This perceived scarcity influenced my decision to pay such a premium price.

However, following the pre-sale, I was shocked to find that a large number of tickets were still available at a significantly lower price of approximately $300 each. I feel misled and manipulated by this drastic price disparity and perceived demand manipulation.

I reached out to Ticketmaster's customer service seeking a resolution in the form of a price adjustment or a refund, but I haven't received a satisfactory response or resolution.

I am disappointed by their lack of transparency and fairness in their operations.

This experience has significantly eroded my trust in Ticketmaster. It not only affects me financially, but it also affects how I perceive their brand.

I am sharing my experience here, hoping for a prompt and fair resolution to this issue, and also to alert other customers to be wary of the potential discrepancies in ticket availability and pricing during the pre-sale period.

User's recommendation: Avoid Ticketmaster.

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

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Take it to Better Business Bureau. I had a problem with Ticketmaster for the 9/3/23 Duran Duran show in NYS.

CSR cancelled wrong ticket # in Feb. purchase.

I repeatedly stated to her which ticket wast to be kept and after agreeing she went and cancelled the better seat ticket and left me with the worse viewing seat. I found out only hours before the show when i went to transfer the ticket to my google wallet that the seat and row were not correct.

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