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I purchased Rob Thomas Sidewalk Angels VIP Package. 2 tickets cost me $1000.

Came with a shirt, lanyard, signed lithograph, and more. I bought a house not long after I bought the tickets. So I decided I would contact ticketmaster via email and see if they could change my address in their system. She preceeded to tell me there was no need to change my address because my tickets would be picked up at the venue.

I thanked her and asked her if i would get my merchandise at the show (shirts, lithograph, etc). She once again said there is no need to change my address because nothing would be mailed to me. Everything will be picked up at the venue. I thanked her again and left it at that.

I received tracking information from OneLiveMedia. It was to be delivered to my old address on 7/13/15. And it was. At 9:53am.

I was confused but I let it go. I was told "nothing will be mailed to you!". And I also forwarded all my mail. So I figured...if I am, for some reason, sent a package...then SURELY it would get forwarded.

It was not. The people who now live at my old address didn't bother to return said package. I have contacted Ticketmaster, as well as OneLiveMedia, multiple times since Friday and not the first person could tell me anything about my package. Or why one of their CSRs told me I wouldnt get a package...when I was suppose to.

All they said, was they could only take a message and have someone call me back.

No calls back. This is 100% Ticketmaster's fault and they are doing absolutely nothing to help fix the situation.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1115980

You knew you were buying a house you should have put a different address. Work, a Gmail you member or close friend.


Oooooh i LOVE rob thomas......beside all the other stuff..was it fun?? Is he a nice guy?? Oh your so lucky

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