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I had originally emailed this to Ticketmaster customer support on 8/16. I was told I would receive a response in 3-7 business days- today is 12 business days!

I have also contacted them several times in between and was told my request was still being review- ridiculous! I was sold tickets that were COMPLETELY obstructed from viewing the stage- my entire section was! I bought these tickets presale in February! There was no mention of my view being obstructed!

I purchased tickets for the Lady Gaga concert that was on 8/15, but unfortunately our view of the stage was COMPLETELY obstructed by large props being used in the concert. Since I had visited Golden 1 center SEVERAL times, I knew when I purchased my presale tickets that I would be getting a pretty good view of the stage head on. Much to our surprise when we found our seats, we noticed we couldn’t view the stage! We arrived at 7:30 pm (the time the tickets said the concert started) but the actual show didn’t start until nearly 9:15 pm….

We waited the extra 1 hour and 45 minutes in hopes that the obstructions would move out of our view once the show started, but sadly they didn’t. We couldn’t see the countdown clock, couldn’t see Lady Gaga come out on stage- we could only view her leg a few times. We honestly would have had a better view buying the heavily discounted tickets that viewed THE BACK OF THE STAGE!!!!! About 20 people in our section left and sought out customer service.

We were told by managers Craig Owen, Terry and Ashlee Anderson (coordinator of guest services) that we could not be reseated and we needed to contact live nation because our view being obstructed is the fault of Lady Gaga's set up/concert promoter and had nothing to do with their facility. Since we could not physically view the concert and there was nowhere to stand that we could even see anything, we were told our only option was to leave- which we did. I am not sure on who is directly responsible for this mishap and there are no words to describe how angry and heartbroken I am about not being able to see one of my favorite performers actually perform, but this is NOT ok and chances of us being able to see Lady Gaga perform again are slim to none unless she tours near Sacramento again. Basically we were shorted on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Not only our we out the cost of the tickets, we took time off of work, paid for a babysitter, paid for parking, purchased food/tshirts and not to mention our time was completely wasted. We were told by the managers at Golden 1 that if the concert was that important to us then we should have purchased lower level tickets. I wasn’t aware that the price of my tickets equals how much I enjoy a performer. I bought my tickets presale- in February and it’s what I could afford and having visited Golden 1 many times in the past, I had absolutely NO worries about my seats being obstructed from viewing a concert I have been waiting 6 months to see.

I have pictures of our obstructed view if they would be helpful. I will never be made whole again and I am so disappointed in the lack of common sense in putting lighting/props in obvious places that would obstruct paying customers views. The couple sitting next to us had traveled 4,000 miles for this concert- but luckily for them they were able to slip a Golden 1 employee $20 and they got seated in the lower level- separately, but still got to view the concert. Unfortunately for my husband and I, we did not have cash on us and when we asked the same employee about being seated, he said the concert was sold out and he couldn’t help us…..

guess money talks in customer service. I filed a complaint with Ticketmaster, and was told today they were denying my claim because the venue was "taking care of it." Golden 1 guest services told me that Live Nation was not providing refunds, and they couldn't give me a refund because Golden 1 Center "is just a building." They offered to "compensate" me with two Kings tickets. RIDICULOUS. If I don't have my money back -- SOON -- I'm taking them to small claims.

I just want my refund of $121.35 back.

Picture included is our view. The light in the middle is the actual stage- the sky bridge completely blocked the stage AND our view.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ticketmaster Lady Gaga Concert Ticket.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $124.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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If you would’ve stayed you would’ve found out that you could actually see her from this angle. There was the main stage, 2 platforms and a B stage that would’ve been in your view.

Those props were to link the stages together like a bridge. For $121 of course you’re not going to have an AWESOME view/

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