I am so angry and upset at the information that I was given in this past week. I sold my 4 tickets to The Weekend and was informed that I was to be paid $942.72 via email.

After 4 days and I receiving no payment, i took to Ticketmasters customer service portion of their website. I waited of 10 min at a time to get into 3 different chat sessions only to all of a sudden have my chat sessions ended once i started explaining my situation. I finally got someone to call me to tell me that i wont be expecting my rightfully earned money until 3/8/2022....thats over a year away. Not only do i not have my original tickets anymore that I spent over $700 for, but i am out an additional $242 from the sale??!!

I sure *** *** should not have to wait over 12.5 months to receive my legally earned $942.72.

I also may add that I got an email saying that they tried to pay me out, but couldn't because I needed to update my debit card info since it was expired (due to me not using Ticketmaster in over a year!). I updated the info and was NEVER PAID OUT FOR MY TICKET SALES.

Location: Woodland, California

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