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I ordered tickets to a show from Ticketmaster. At the box office, my friend was to pick up the tickets but did not have my credit card, which was used to buy, so they would not give him the tickets, so they did not go into the show.

My other friend went to the seats and found out someone had later bought these for cash at the box office.

Tickmaster would not refund my money. Mastercard would not honor it when I asked for them to not pay mastercard, so I ate the tickets, Ticketmaster got their fees, the SHow got their fees, and the ticket window worker pocketed $200 cash.

What a scam.

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Scott Depot, West Virginia, United States #661898

So let me get this straight; you agreed to willcall pickup, didn't make sure to set up alternate willcall, and didn't make sure that your friend had all of the required materials?

You should have just gone with Print at Home delivery in the first place, and you should have been more attentive.

Willcall has NEVER failed for me, because I make sure I have all of the information ready and all of the materials at hand.


You really should have just chosen to print the tickets instead. I never order online and plan to go to the venue to pick up my tickets.

I make sure my tickets are in my account for print so I know I have them.

And also in policy if you didn't call ahead to tell the reps at the venue who was picking up the tickets, they'd think someone else was getting them without your permission..also not having the card to pick them up was another mistake as well. Sorry it happen but really..just print next time.

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #212559

I just went to Ticketmaster's website. You could have printed the tickets out.

There is a faq section. There is a question that states that it is up to the venue if someone else can pick up the tickets.

You could have called ahead. They also state that they don't issue refunds unless the event is cancelled.


you are complaining cause ticketmaster is protecting the buyers of tickets? how dumb would it be if anyone could just go pick up your tickets without the credit card they were purchased on? so im sure they did end up selling the seats at some point because you NO SHOWED in their eyes.

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